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Leagueshop is an international gaming apparel web store with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

We have always been interested in gaming and after several years in the business we finally decided to launch the Leagueshop web site in 2014. We are currently working with some of the biggest names in eSports, constantly designing and creating new merchandise.

What we offer:


  • We focus on having the best customer service
  • Very High Quality Products & Affordable Prices
  • Custom Made Designs
  • Fast & Reliable Shipping with tracking
  • Hassle-free returns

This Website at the URL (www.LeagueShop.com) (“LeagueShop”) is owned by a company registered in Sweden under Central Business Register number. Stockholm, Sweden (“Leagueshop”).

Leagueshop believes strongly in protecting user privacy!

Our Team Meet the people

Mathias Hautala Operations Manager (COO)


Thomas Fredriksson Partner Relations & Web Designer


Emil Priver Web Developer

Maximilian Delic Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Lamar Mahmuzic Consumer Relations (COO)


Elmer Kuloglija Marketing Director


Jan Szymański Apparel Designer


Andreas Roseborg Co-owner